Baker Tilly in Ivory Coast

An alternative for bigs

Baker Tilly, is an Audit and Accounting firm in ivory coast.
We also advise more specifically on tax and legal mission, on social missions, from consulting the computer assignments or training missions .

Baker Tilly at a glance


  • With proven and multidisciplinary skills 
  • By a quality approach to guarantee our services in each of our missions 
  • By integrating technological innovations.

What matters most to us is men and their projects

  • Professional organisation  of course, but especially human; all of our partners share our values: expertise, rigor, independence, proximity and appropriation of the client's needs.                               

Value added at the heart of our approach

  • Dynamic and responsive , the whole of our approach is oriented towards the respect of the international standards with a local support mastered that is the reference OHADA.

Satisfy you, our vocation

  • Advise, assist, accompany ... on a daily basis in a win-win partnership. Our Baker Tilly International network is the guarantee of a reliable, high quality organization and a recognized signature.

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