Public Sector

Baker Tilly actor and partner of development projects. For more than 20 years, we have been providing public and parapublic stakeholders with expertise in audits and specific advice.

To help them:

  • Secure their partnerships with international institutions (donors) and their operation;
  • Evaluate and develop the performance and efficiency of the service rendered.

We perform for public / parapublic actors various legal audits to financial and organizational audits in order to:

  • Secure the contractual relations between the public partners (international donors, the States, ...) and the public or parapublic organizations receiving financial support;
  • Identify dysfunctions and areas of financial, legal, tax and operational risk, especially for local authorities;
  • Recommend solutions to optimize the operation and the quality of the service rendered and the cost-effectiveness ratio;
  • Support the implementation of recommendations, reorganizations and restructurings

Baker Tilly intervenes on specific missions for the following actors:

  • The State Public Service (Ministries, EPA, EPIC ...)
  • The Territorial Public Function (Municipalities, Regional Councils, Generals ...)
  • The Public Hospital Function
  • Non-profit organizations (Associations, Foundations, NGOs, Unions, Federations, professional orders ...)
  • Consular bodies (CCI, CRCI, Chambers of Agriculture ...)
  • Public affairs professions

Our missions include:


The pressure on the financing of the donors makes necessary an ever greater public efficiency.

Our experiences in both the public and private sectors allow us to develop an expertise that is inspired by the specificities of these two worlds.

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to provide a view that includes the human, organizational, legal and tax aspects.

Our membership of an international network places us with many experiences.

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