Real Estate & Construction

Baker Tilly works with many real estate developers and developers, whether they work in Ivory Coast or at the sub-regional level. These cumulative and confrontational experiences allow us to know the specificities of your sector of activity and to better control each of its aspects.

In the area of ​​property development and development projects, Baker Tilly has been contributing to the growth of major players for 20 years.  

Our experts assist our clients and partners in all stages of the legal, tax, social and accounting management of their investment.

  • In accounting matters , we can take care of complete or partial outsourcing , help you implement the ad hoc account monitoring procedures that guarantee a sound and realistic management of your project and allow you to anticipate any evolution.
  • The real estate business sector is characterized by the usual recourse to the creation of a structure adapted to a specific real estate program. It can be a separate legal entity, most often a real estate company, or a de facto corporation (joint venture).
  • Another decisive factor in real estate development is the use of large amounts of capital to finance operations. Indeed, the operating cycle of this activity is, in general, more than twelve months, especially in the case of construction of buildings for the sale of apartments. This characteristic leads to significant financial costs throughout the construction period.

Baker Tilly, your best alternative

Given the complexity of the market, the constantly changing regulations and heritage issues, Baker Tilly accompanies you at every stage of your project life and for any type of need, especially for administrative management with the sole objective of working in the interest of the customers, in the respect of the legislative framework, in order to allow them to optimize and follow serenely their investment.

The complementarity of skills and the geographical reach of the Baker Tilly International Network allow us to support our clients on any type of mission, any type of job regardless of the size of the company (from the smallest company to large national groups and international).

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