The administrative staff management for Baker Tilly is a daily commitment through full or partial support. And that of recruitment at the end of the contractual relationship.


  • Recruitment assistance;
  • The drafting of employment contracts and contractual amendments;
  • Hiring aids.

Payroll and mobility management 

  • The establishment of pay slips;
  • The establishment declarations and payment of taxes, taxes and related fees.

The end of the contract 

  • Assistance with the selection of the dismissal procedure;
  • The dismissal procedure;
  • Conventional breakage
  • The calculation of severance pay;
  • The calculation of the end-of-career allowances;
  • The balance of any account;

HR support

  • Administrative management of work stoppages;
  • The establishment and renewal of staff representative bodies;
  • Assistance in setting up incentive schemes
  • Continuing vocational training;
  • The individual right to training;
  • The study and implementation of the social report;
  • Relations with social organizations
  • Consultation on issues specific to social security and social welfare;
  • Assistance during the claim and verification of social administrations.

Social audit 

  • Control of the correct application of labor legislation and regulations;
  • Consultation on the problems specific to labor law and social relations in companies.

The social status of the leader 

  • Assistance in choosing the social status of the manager: employee or non-employee;
  • Study and research of the social protection adapted to the needs of the leader;
  • The retirement balance sheet;
  • Relations with social organizations.
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