The tax missions are part of the continuity of accounting and management missions with the objective of compliance with tax legislation and the optimal search for tax systems applicable in Côte d'Ivoire.

Tax law: corporate taxation

  • Corporate income tax;
  • VAT and related taxes;
  • Specialized taxation (real estate, mine, hydrocarbon, energy, ...);
  • Registration fees and transfer taxes;
  • International taxation;
  • Other taxes and duties;
  • Taxes based on wages;
  • Tax consolidation.

Tax law: the taxation of individuals

  • The income tax;
  • The solidarity tax on wealth;
  • The tax on land revenue;
  • The implementation of tax exemption schemes.

Tax advice 

  • Studies and consultations;
  • Taxpayer assistance during tax audits;
  • The executive compensation strategy;
  • The temporary transfer of usufruct.
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