Business in Difficulty

The "Company in difficulty" service line assists managers and buyers in making decisions in the event of financial or economic difficulties that could lead to the opening of a collective action.

For companies in difficulty Baker Tilly offers to free you from your difficulties to produce better.

Before the opening of the collective procedure: Preparation of the file to initiate the procedure

  1. Situation and risk analysis (legal and financial)
  2. Assistance in determining the procedure to be used (Preventive Regulation, Judicial Reconstruction)
  3. Assistance in referral to the competent court (request for suspension of proceedings, declaration of cessation of payments ...)
  4. Assistance in negotiating restructuring plans;
  5. Formalization of recovery solutions
  • plan for spreading the main liabilities and moratoria, in particular banking,
  • taking new guarantees and reallocating existing guarantees,
  • capital increase by capitalization of receivables, notably current account, but also receivables and bank accounts,
  • assignment, subrogation, delegation, abandonment of receivables, asset disposals,
  • abandonment of a product or a branch of activity,
  • adaptation of the means of production to a planned level of activity;
  • proposed relocation of certain activities;
  • outsourcing of certain functions;
  • the reorganization of the work ...

After the opening of the collective procedure

  1. Accompaniment in the execution of the recovery plan
  2. Assistance in negotiating restructuring plans.
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