Business Taxation

The mission of "corporate tax advice" is part of a long-term relationship, with a high level of commitment and proximity, which allows our team to acquire the company culture and integrate the tax dimension. in the process of strategic decisions.

Taxation of the liberal professions                                                                        

  • Lawyer
  • Doctor
  • Expert surveyor
  • Notary
  • Architect
  • Treatment of expenses for a reduction of the risks of tax adjustment on the BNC;
  • Follow-up of mandatory deductions specific to these sectors of activity;
  • Management of VAT declarations according to receipts.

Taxation of pharmacies

Implementation of methods, special procedures and working tools for:

  • Determination of the pro rata of distribution of taxable and non-taxable turnover to VAT;
  • Use of the pro rata deduction of VAT on purchases to avoid the risks of recovery.


  • Assistance during the tax audit and the conduct of litigation before the administration.

Real estate taxation

  • Advice and assistance to all real estate players, particularly on the tax management of transactions, particularly in the areas of registration fees, VAT, corporation tax and property taxes.
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