Staff Recruitment

From the recruitment of the first employee to the creation, to the whole of the administrative and financial department or the support of international employees.

It is thus a very often complex and always decisive course for the continuation which requires a personalized, reactive and voluntary accompaniment.

Baker Tilly, since 20 years, supports the creation of SMEs / SMIs, subsidiaries or representations of international brands as well as professional associations and NGOs. We have helped them and continue to do so in the success of their projects through a close relationship conducive to the establishment of a real winning partnership.

Based on our experience with many and diverse project developers that we still rely on for the most part among our clients, our team of accountants, social / HR consultants and lawyers / tax specialists is there to accompany you throughout of your project.

Our support is:

  • Assistance in choosing the optimal legal, fiscal and social status
  • Help in finding financing (definition of your need for financing, advice on specific aids to which you are entitled, ...)
  • Realization of your administrative procedures (declarations, registrations)
  • Hiring your first employees (drafting employment contracts, drawing up social declarations, choosing the collective agreement ...)
  • Implementation of management tools (dashboards, accounting and management)
  • Help in setting up your administrative and accounting organization
  • Estimated budgets
  • Management of the first months of your activity (supervision, follow-up and training in accounting, tax and social matters ...)

Keep peace of mind!

  • Your project is examined in total confidentiality.
  • Our fees, defined in a mission letter, are scalable to better adapt to the start of your activity
  • A question, a concern? Our teams are available and responsive. They can rely on our partners solicited independently (Notary, lawyers, banks, insurers ...) and on the strength of our network Baker Tilly International.

This mission can be at the origin of a Leveraged buy out (LBO) transaction, the entry of a new shareholder or various other reasons.

Any evaluation requires an analysis of the company's positioning in its market, the determination of its strengths and weaknesses as well as its key success factors (FCS).

The calculation of the risk rate (basis of any discounting calculation) as well as the application of various methods of valuation calculation determines a range of values. These values ​​are the basis of any negotiation.

An evaluation mission is broken down into three phases:

  1. Knowledge of the entity,
  2. Choice of valuation methods to remember,
  3. Evaluation report.

Company valuation is / should be a very frequent operation in contemporary economic and social life.

Indeed, due to globalization and the development of international financial markets, there has been a proliferation of transactions: "disposals", "mergers and acquisitions" or "restructurings".

Who does the business valuation

The valuation of a company is an indispensable act to determine its value in a market in perpetual evolution. Far from being a mission so easy as it may seem. This is to estimate in figures the reality of the market value of the entity. This procedure requires a specific methodology combined with proven expertise and for this can only be done by the care of an experienced accountant such Baker Tilly.

Why do a business valuation?

Whether as an indication, in the event of a sale / acquisition or in the context of the annual balance sheet, the enterprise valuation allows managers to define the entity's real financial value in a market that is free of reference prices in this market. field.

By doing this, the entrepreneur could have an accurate idea of ​​the price of his company over a specific period, in case he wishes to transfer it to another natural or legal person. He will then be able to anticipate the bidding advanced by the buyer and thus position himself favorably for the negotiations of the transaction.

Business valuation in theory

As with any other estimate, the expertise on the financial value of a company is based on a specific methodological approach, of which only qualified professionals enrolled in an accountant's directory or affiliated with a specialized firm can undertake with brio. The analysis is primarily focused on the Company's financial data, which include quarterly activity reports, annual reviews of previous years, and various tax and treasury files. The evaluation is not limited to the only historical study of the company; it is also interested in its financial potential, the latter being the main criterion retained by purchasers.

The key steps of the expertise

  • Before entering the estimation itself, the accountant is primarily responsible for getting to know the company. This first step involves the completion of a complete diagnosis of the system: legal assessment, social diagnosis, staff census, inventory of physical infrastructure, logistics and real estate, tax studies and environmental quality analysis.
  • It is only after this realization that the accountant can focus on the accounting and forecast balance sheets of the company.
  • At the end of this procedure, he will be able to calculate the valuation of the company and write accordingly a report of appreciation to be given to the contractor.

Baker Tilly can obtain for you in the best conditions an evaluation of your entity within 24 hours.

We prefer especially specialized and experienced employees in the trades of the figure for which we have developed a service line.

We offer you a specific support for:

  • An employment contract adapted to your reality and in compliance with Ivorian standards;
  • The recruitment of your first employee in Ivory Coast;
  • Recruitment of one or more employees internationally (via our Baker Tilly network);
  • The management of one or more employees in short / long-term transit in Côte d'Ivoire

They are specific, qualified and experienced employees in the following occupations:


  • Accounting assistant
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Chief Accountant
  • Accounting
  • Administrative and Accounting Manager
  • Administrative and Accounting Director


  • Management control
  • Accounting and financial auditor
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Accountant

Legal and Tax

  • tax expert
  • Company lawyer.
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