Baker Tilly grows legal expertise

2 nov. 2023

Baker Tilly Legal Poland has welcomed a team of 15 lawyers to its practice.

Operating out of the firm’s Warsaw office, the team specialises in the provision of professional legal and tax advice to wealthy individual clients and their businesses, as well as M&A legal counsel and support in the areas of investment funds and capital markets.

Speaking on the development, Francesca Lagerberg, CEO of Baker Tilly International, said: “At Baker Tilly, we firmly believe in the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach. Our clients have made clear their preference for a single-service provider with all the benefits this brings in terms of cross-pollination and breadth of expertise. The new team within Baker Tilly Legal Poland allows us to seamlessly integrate legal and tax guidance for private clients, meeting the high expectations of our discerning clientele and gaining a competitive edge in the professional services landscape.”

Grzegorz Gajda, Managing Partner at Baker Tilly Legal Poland, added: “We are committed to resolving our clients’ issues comprehensively, professionally, and from every dimension relevant to their needs. The expansion of our team and the consequent expansion of our law firm service portfolio will make this goal a reality. I am eagerly looking forward to this collaboration”.

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