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Mining, energy and hydrocarbon

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Baker Tilly supports you in all your projects with transparency

Baker Tilly works with mining operators, gas distributors, hydrocarbon producers and distributors, operating in Ivory Coast. Thanks to our specific studies we have acquired a better knowledge of the specificities of your sector of activity in order to better master each of its aspects. 

Our experts support clients and partners at all stages, from the creation to the production of year-end statements, including the legal, tax, social and accounting aspects of your investment.

  • New tax reforms in the mining and energy sector in Côte d'Ivoire;
  • In accounting matters , we can take care of complete or partial outsourcing , help you implement ad hoc account monitoring procedures guaranteeing sound and realistic management of your project and
    allowing you to anticipate any developments.
  • The sector of activity of the exploitation of mines and deposits as well as the production and distribution of hydrocarbons is characterized by the usual recourse to the creation of a structure adapted to a specific real estate program . It may be a separate legal entity, most often a real estate company, or even a de facto company (joint venture).

Each operator and participant in the mining and energy sector operates differently. This is because business rules vary not only from company to company, but also from facility to facility. Additionally, upstream companies are subject to constant and complex changes in their operations, resulting from the discovery of new deposits and opening of new wells, decommissioning, addition of new facilities, creation of joint ventures and regulatory changes.

Our clients are:

  • Gas producer and distributor
  • Hydrocarbon producer and distributor
  • Mining operator
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