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Legal audit

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Reliability and sincerity

The legal audit consists of issuing an opinion on the regularity and sincerity of the annual accounts of an entity and of validating that they present a faithful image of the entity, the relevance and quality of the financial information. 

Business or project management is subject to risks of various kinds. Detecting or avoiding them is not only a legal obligation but an imperative for survival and development. Limiting the level of these risks as well as ensuring sound financial management requires the adoption of a set of relevant measures and tools.

Baker Tilly’s legal audit missions:

Audit and statutory audit missions at Baker Tilly are carried out within the framework of professional standards. These are:

  • Legal review of accounts (audit office);
  • Diligence directly linked to auditing missions;
  • The contribution commissioner;
  • The merger commissioner;
  • The transformation commissioner;
  • The increase and reduction of capital;
  • Distribution of interim dividends;
  • Certificates falling within the framework of procedures directly linked to the mission.
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