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Baker Tilly, your best alternative
Cross-service line support across the world, for all companies.

In partnership with lawyers specializing in corporate law, notaries, bailiffs, we intervene upstream on the various legal needs of the business manager.

Transforming the constraints of legislation into opportunities

Thanks to a synergy between Baker Tilly experts and different stakeholders, legal expertise missions have the sole objective of transforming the constraints of legislation into opportunities. Proper use of the law can therefore prove to be an asset.

Baker Tilly's long experience acquired during multiple missions and the importance given to this area guarantee our clients informed, adapted, strategic and achievable advice. We always strive to find a legal or tax solution adapted to the client which allows them to achieve their commercial or personal objectives as efficiently as possible.

In the field of legal advice, Baker Tilly offers you personalized services of an international level.

Advice for developing the social and legal status of the company:

  •  Legal Secretariat;
  • Preventive regulation.

 Assistance with the legal life of companies:

  •  Judicial liquidation;
  • Constitution of company;
  • Judicial administration;
  • Judicial expertise and;
  • Legal redress.

 Tax returns:

  • companies;
  • liberal professions;
  • individuals;
  • and monitoring of disputes. 

Assistance with tax and social audits;

Intervention with tax administrations;

Asset management, tax optimization.

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