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Baker Tilly, your best alternative
Cross-service line support across the world, for all companies.

Painstaking, not painful

The accounting services or “administrative assistance” offered by Baker Tilly are carried out in a professional and personalized manner.

Within our firm, we have several accounting software programs and can provide each of our clients with the most appropriate tool for their structure and needs. The mandate is managed as a whole by a specialist, under the supervision of a department head.

The financial information can then be accessed electronically or in the form of written reports.

In the field of accounting, Baker Tilly offers you services adapted to your needs in compliance with OHADA.

Accounting treatment:

  • The implementation of the Accounting Plan adapted to the company;
  • Accounting monitoring;
  • Maintaining single or multi-currency accounting;
  • Supervision of accounting services;
  • Implementation and monitoring of analytical operating accounting.

Accounting outsourcing:

  • Outsourcing of the accounting function;
  • Implementation of accounting procedures;
  • Delegated management of the accounting function;
  • Training of administrative and accounting staff.

Participation in the preparation of accounts:

  • Preparation of annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement and annexes);
  • The establishment of periodic situations;
  • Reporting for subsidiaries of foreign companies;
  • The establishment of group accounts, consolidation of balance sheets and accounts;
  • Establishing the financing table;
  • The interface with approved management organizations (approved management center or association).


  • The valuation of companies and company securities (in particular with a view to sales, transfers, contributions, inheritances, sharing, donations or at the request of various organizations).
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