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Supporting your growth projects on a daily basis

Baker Tilly addresses its “accounting expertise” and “legal, tax and social expertise” offers mainly to small and medium-sized businesses, whatever their legal form and mode of establishment.

To these companies, we offer services in particular in terms of:

  • tax management and optimization,
  • preparation of financial statements,
  • advice and accounting,
  • financial management outsourcing,
  • establishment of business plans
  • and strategic planning assistance.

Partner of SMEs in the industrial, service and financial sectors for more than (15) fifteen years in Ivory Coast, we benefit from a solid knowledge of the needs and characteristics of this business fabric.

To each SME that trusts us, we are committed to delivering a high-quality service and value-added advice, relying on fully trained and experienced specialists, able to quickly understand the field of activity to be addressed.

In terms of accounting review, we can support small and medium-sized businesses by intervening most often with limited control.

For SMEs/SMIs/VSEs, Baker Tilly offers you varied, high-quality offers.

By relying on Baker Tilly, SMEs can also benefit from several services from a single provider, within the strict limits of the independence requirements decreed by the laws and the profession, our objective remains to relieve SMEs of related issues to the financial, accounting and tax management of their business so that they can fully devote themselves to their main activity.

Our expertise includes:

  • End-to-end creation of your SME/SMI
  • Accounting support
  • Legal, tax and social support
  • Recruitment of specialized employees
  • Evaluation of your business (revaluation, loan)
  • Management and strategic management advice
  • Support for the transfer (negotiation, acquisition-disposal, etc.) of your SME/SMI,
  • Search for financing for SMEs/SMIs with strong ambition or in difficulty.
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