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Business support

Baker Tilly, your best alternative
Cross-service line support across the world, for all companies.

What matters to us are people and their projects

The search for performance takes on a strategic nature in the competitive context in which we operate. The performance of organizations according to our vision consists of the identification and optimization of company processes and control of the information system. This is how we assist general management in their development, operational efficiency and change management issues. We help define business strategy and achieve the level of excellence necessary to create long-term value.

As part of the missions, Baker Tilly adopts a structured approach developed in close collaboration with clients, so that the results can be sustained over time. The added value of our firm lies in our ability to define innovative solutions adapted to the specificities of the company and obtain tangible results with it.

In the field of management and management consulting, Baker Tilly takes ownership of your reality with a long-term vision. Our missions are:

  • Valuation of companies and company securities;
  • Assistance with restructuring, negotiation, transfer and termination of businesses;
  • Design and implementation of management support tools, dashboards, reporting, budget, business plan;
  • Management analysis;
  • Creation of financial files to obtain priority approvals.
  • Business Plans
  • Strategic planning assistance
  • IPO consulting
  • Dashboard implementations (MIS)
  • Profitability studies (profit improvement programs)
  • Coaching during purchases and sales of companies, Due diligence
  • Reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions
  • Risk management consulting
  • Restructuring liquidations, fundraising
  • Advice for start-ups
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