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Contract audit

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The contractual audit aims to issue an opinion on the accounts of an entity using the techniques generally used within the framework of legal audit missions. It is an important vector of the financial and legal security of your structure vis-à-vis your partners.

Baker Tilly’s contractual audit missions:

The contractual audit finds its place in particular in the context of:

  • The contractual review of accounts;
  • Analysis of internal control procedures;
  • The acquisition review before taking a stake
  • The IPO
  • Management expertise
  • Business valuation as part of your external growth or restructuring operations,
  • Analysis of the quality of your information system: to secure it and improve its reliability,
  • Valuation of assets or liabilities: within the framework of targeted operations
  • Assessment of specific risks etc.

The Statutory Auditor may also intervene in exceptional operations also arising from legal sources. The scope is then defined contractually. These contractual audits can be carried out both in companies and in associations.

The Statutory Auditor differs from the accountant in that his role is not to produce financial information or tax and social security declarations. On the other hand, he controls them, as he controls legal documents.

The contractual audit thus guarantees the reliability of financial information or an information system and contributes to the quality of the internal control of your company or association.

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