Our Values

Proven skills in human resources

Baker Tilly is based on:

  • A permanent team of twenty experienced staff, graduates of international business schools and universities , they are endowed with a high sense of professionalism and a great diversity of skills and expertise in their respective departments ;
  • Some members of staff Baker Tilly International network as support staff;
  • A network of independent specialized partners.

A specific quality approach

For the guarantee of services, the firm is subject to external and internal quality controls.

  • External quality control is exercised by the Baker Tilly group network headquarters every two years
  • The internal quality control is devolved to the Consulting and Specific Developments Department (CDS) through:
    • Prior checking of all reports before the signature of the partner
    • Follow-up on the implementation of the Cabinet Organization Manual (OMC)

Permanent technological innovations

The working environment within the firm is characterized by an increased use of NICTs.

This professional use obliges us to constantly innovate not only on our own tools of work but also on the tools dedicated to our customers with the main objective to fluidify the exchanges of information, to reduce the working time and to produce results as close as possible to perfection

The direct consequence of this policy is especially the contribution of added values ​​to our services such as:

  • Mobility in the work of all employees (total independence from the premises and our geographical address)
  • Interconnection with our external partners thanks to a MultiMedia platform.
  • Design and use of specific software.

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