Thanks to the synergy of Baker Tilly's experts and various stakeholders, the legal expertise missions have the sole objective of transforming the constraints of legislation into opportunities. A good use of the law can therefore be an asset.

Baker Tilly's extensive experience in multiple assignments and focus on this area ensures our clients knowledgeable, responsive, strategic and achievable advice. We always strive to find a legal or tax solution tailored to the client that allows him to achieve his business or personal goals as efficiently as possible.

In the field of Legal Advice, Baker Tilly offers you personalized services of international level. Those are :

Advice for the development of the social and legal status of the company:

  • Legal Secretariat
  • Preventive rules

Assistance to the legal life of companies:

  • Judicial liquidation
  • Constitution of society
  • Judicial administration
  • Judicial expertise
  • Legal redress
  • Tax declarations of companies, liberal professions, private individuals and follow-ups of disputes;
  • Assistance with tax and social audits;
  • Intervention with tax administrations;
  • Wealth management, tax optimization.

In partnership with lawyers specializing in company law, notaries, bailiffs, we intervene upstream on the various legal needs of the entrepreneur.

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